Did you know that you can do an internet search for help with naming a Blog post? I do…now.

Two staff and an intern crowded into my office one blustery day in March and brainstormed a title for our Blog. Very quickly I realized that the response I was hearing the most to my suggestions was either “Ewwww” or “Only old people will get that.” Tell me, what is wrong with naming your literacy blog “Vowel Movement”?“No internal body functions should be used in a title”, is what I heard. (The old people appreciate it) The next suggestion was “Booyah – Celebrating the adult learner” but I didn’t know how to spell Booyah. That was cut. I also suggested creating literacy acronyms out of math formulas. For example, “I=PRT which stands for “Interest equals Practicing Writing Today”. This didn’t fly either. Good thing I have thick skin.

Writing a blog sounds like such an easy thing to do and it would make sense that literacy practitioners would be able to write creatively. We teach writing, we critique writing, it only goes to reason that we should be able to write. I guess I am finally starting to understand what our adult learners feel like when Maureen tells them that they have to write a creative essay in 30 minutes. Terrified and lost. We will persevere.

Our hope in creating this blog is that everyone will start to understand the amazing people that we see every day. We want to introduce these warriors and celebrate their triumphs. We want to share little bits of wisdom that we come across in our yellow brick literacy journey. Who knows, maybe some of the things that we have learned will help someone else in their own journey. We’re going to start an educational conversation, and answer the literacy questions that we hear every day to the best of our abilities. Your passion is your success, and those words span a million miles reaching everyone who has dreams, goals and ambitions, and a will to learn.

So stay tuned to our ramblings, our reasoning and our raucous exclamations. Who said Literacy can’t be fun? 🙂

Until next time.


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