“Welcome to 2016!” I recently heard this comment and it wasn’t even January 1st. Someone was congratulating me on updating our agency presence on social media. I guess that those in the know, know that every good social service agency has a social media presence to attract new learners, increase awareness of our cause, or to brag about our accomplishments. Literacy Nipissing has been using Facebook and Twitter for 2 years but we have decided to go boldly where no agency has gone before…well maybe a few.. and now us!

So, welcome to our blog, “The Literacy Lantern: Shining A Light For Literacy”

This blog will be a place where students can share their journeys, where staff will share their wisdom and where I will ask for money. Honesty is the best policy and we will hold true with this blog. So enjoy our ramblings, our insights and our grammar mistakes *cough* Mondays *cough*. We’re not perfect but we are a work in progress, but with a fantastic team and a dash of inspiration we have a splendid recipe for our first blog. Our values place us on a path where we’re working towards a world where everyone can read, write and understand fractions and basic numeracy.

Sit back and enjoy our humor, wit and wisdom as we launch our blog in hopes of making a big splash in a little lake.

Stay tuned!

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