Today I am waiting for a very important document to be emailed to me.  I have until 11:59 tonight to get that document to someone or, well, I don’t want to know what will happen.

Let me be upfront and tell you right now about a character flaw I have.  It has always been something I have tried to work on.  It happens all the time and when I fail, I get so annoyed with myself.  I berate myself for exposing this character flaw and vow that the next time it won’t happen again.  I will try harder and harder.  But I fail again.  I suppose you are now wondering what this annoying character flaw that I possess could be.  Maybe I shouldn’t tell anyone in case you think less of me.  I don’t know.

How do you feel that I haven’t told you about my annoying character flaw? Have I taken too long to let the cat out of the bag?   Am I making you wait too long????  Are you annoyed yet???  Well, my annoying character flaw, wait for it,  I hate to wait.  I have no patience.  If you are like me,  that second paragraph was the epitome of frustration.  “Get to the point already!!!!”

I was the one in my family who searched for hidden Christmas presents.  I couldn’t wait for the morning of the 25th.  As soon as the hockey season is over, I start to dream about the next one and it can’t get here fast enough.  AND I am a Leafs fan, so you can imagine my frustration at waiting for 55 years (and counting) for another cup!!  Last June, when my son and his wife told us that they were expecting, well that was 9 months of pure torture!!!!!  It didn’t seem as hard to wait for my son to be born compared to the birth of my granddaughter but getting sick and fat might have distracted me!

There are a lot of things we wait for.

  1. A bus
  2. Cake to cook
  3. End of school – 3:00 or June!!
  4. Hair to grow
  5. Next season of your favourite show
  6. Summer
  7. Kids to finish their chores
  8. Teacher to mark a test
  9. 16th birthday to get a license.
  10. Gadot (don’t ask)

A lot of our students have waited a long time to come back to school.  It is not that they can’t do the work.  Life happens and then they put off getting their GED or upgrading their skills.  Then one day they say to themselves that this is the day to just do it.  “I can’t WAIT any longer to do what I really want/need to do”.  That is usually the time that we meet them at the door, sit down with a coffee and have a conversation about goals.  They are done waiting.  It is time to get going.  We aren’t annoyed or bothered about when a student comes to us, we just want them to come.  This is one time that waiting is a good thing.  If we wait for that door to open, good things are going to happen.  We just have to wait 🙂

What are you waiting for ????


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