This past year, we were fortunate to be introduced to “A Fish in a Tree” by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. What a story!! So we purchased the book thinking that this was a book for some of our students. Well, sure enough, one of our students, “Angel” read it – well actually devoured it. So Angel and her tutor set about to write a book review. You all need to read this review and then read the book for yourself. (That was a command, not a suggestion). You won’t be disappointed in reading this review and then in reading the book. So in Angel’s own words we have…”Fish in a Tree”

The book “Fish in a Tree” written by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, is about a girl who couldn’t read. Her name was Ally. She really liked to draw. Her grandpa gave her a sketch book. Her grandpa always told Ally that she was very talented. She named her scrapbook Alice in Wonderland. Ally has a brother Travis.  Ally is his favourite sister; she would always say to him, “I’m your only sister.”

Ally had been to seven different schools in seven years.  In each school she had hidden that she couldn’t read. Her teacher, Mrs. Hall, was going to have a baby so she left the school and Mr. Daniels took her place.  Ally really didn’t like school. She couldn’t read and struggled. She was bullied. Kids made fun of her. She was always afraid to ask for help. Ally really like Mr. Daniels. He arranged for Miss Kessler, the learning skills teacher, to do a test on Ally.  She did puzzles, games and a bubble test. Ally  really liked Miss Kessler.

After school Mr. Daniels gave Ally extra help with reading. He spoke to Ally’s mom. Mr. Daniels told Ally that she was smart but had learning differences. It took awhile for Ally’s confidence to grow but by the end of the book, she knows she can succeed at school and is much happier.

Ally reminded me of me (Not being to read and write.) Trying to hide it, sure is an awful feeling. I felt scared and didn’t tell much. I had a hard time dealing with it. Kids were very mean to me and called me some really bad names; Dumb, stupid, loser, ugly. I  used to be called greasy hair. They would say that I wasn’t normal and they called me a freak.

I was surrounded by bullies. I was not lucky enough to get help after school like Ally. We never had one book in our house growing up. I was never lucky enough to even have a colouring book or crayons. We had really nothing. I live a very sad childhood. I love to colour so much now. I have to use a lot of colours and put a lot of detail in what I do. When you are a child and traumatized everyday, it is the most awful feeling ever. Right up to this day, when someone compliments to me about something, I have a very difficult time accepting it. I remember always being classed as DUMB and STUPID. Even myself to this day, I have a hard time believing what I can do.

I feel sad. It sure did bring back a lot of memories. I also tried so hard to hide that I couldn’t read or write. I have always had very low self-esteem. I really like Ally’s second teacher and how he picked up on her not being able to read and write and helping her after school.

“Fish in a Tree'” is a really good book to read. I would recommend anyone who likes to read to READ IT.

Don’t you want to go right out and read this book??

For more information about the author, Lynda Mullaly Hunt, visit the website

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